Shariah iWish

Presenting Shariah iWish – where Islamic finance meets your life's financial goals in a partnership even dynamic duos would envy. We're all about making your money work for you while keeping your faith in the financial loop.


Imagine your financial goals and values sitting down for a friendly cup of tea. That's the kind of harmony we're aiming for. Whether you're dreaming of that buying a house, planning for a serene retirement, your Daughter's Marriage, or just want to outsmart inflation – we're here to help you do it all the Islamic way.


Our squad of financial maestros not only understands your dreams but also speaks fluent finance and Islamic principles. They weave a financial tapestry with the threads of shariah-approved assets, avoiding the tangled web of interest and other no-nos.


Crafting your investment portfolio is like creating a gourmet dish – a dash of equities, a sprinkle of business investments, and just the right amount of Mutual Funds – all seasoned with the approval of our esteemed Shariah scholars. It's a financial feast that ticks all the right boxes!


But hey, life isn't a set-it-and-forget-it show. We're like your financial fitness trainers, making sure your portfolio does its cardio and lifts weights to meet your goals. Regular tune-ups and tweaks keep everything as compliant as your favorite grandma's secret recipe.


With Shariah iWish your financial journey becomes more exciting than a roller coaster ride and more compliant than your cousin following the family dress code at a wedding. Get ready to ride the waves of success with a financial plan that's as solid as your values and as unique as your fingerprint.

Goal Based Investments

  • Tailored Objectives
  • Customised Strategies
  • Regular Monitering
  • Measurable Progress