Shariah PMS

"Step into a world of ethical investing with Shariah Portfolio Management Service (PMS), a distinguished offering tailored for those seeking alignment with Islamic principles. Designed for investors with a minimum commitment of 50 lakh, this service goes beyond conventional investment management, ensuring that your wealth is handled responsibly and in accordance with Shariah law.

Key Features:

1. Ethical Investing: Shariah PMS is your gateway to ethical investing. Our commitment to aligning with Islamic principles means that your investments steer clear of businesses that are non-compliant with Shariah law, offering you a financial avenue that mirrors your values.

2. Experienced Professionals: Trust in the expertise of our seasoned professionals who bring years of experience to the table. Our team is dedicated to curating a portfolio that not only adheres to Shariah principles but also maximizes your wealth potential, providing you with the best of both worlds.

3. Minimum Investment: With a minimum investment requirement of 50 lakh, Shariah PMS caters to investors with a serious commitment to ethical and responsible wealth management. This threshold ensures a level of exclusivity and commitment that aligns with the seriousness of your financial goals.

4. Shariah Compliant Stocks: Your portfolio is carefully curated with Shariah-compliant stocks, ensuring that every investment decision is in harmony with Islamic principles. Benefit from a diversified range of assets that prioritize both financial growth and ethical considerations.

5. Tailored Wealth Growth: At Shariah PMS, we understand that your financial goals are unique. Our professionals work closely with you to tailor your portfolio to match your specific objectives, providing a personalised wealth growth strategy that resonates with your values.

How It Works:

1. Consultation: Begin with a consultation to discuss your financial goals and ethical considerations. Our team ensures a deep understanding of your values to craft a customized investment plan.

2. Portfolio Curation: Leverage the expertise of our professionals as they curate a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant stocks. Each selection is meticulously made to align with your financial aspirations and ethical preferences.

3. Continuous Monitoring: The financial landscape is dynamic, and so is your portfolio. We continuously monitor market trends, ensuring that your investments remain in line with both market dynamics and Shariah principles.

Join the Ethical Investment Revolution:

Embrace a new era of responsible and ethical wealth management with Shariah Portfolio Management Service. With a minimum investment of 50 lakh, embark on a journey that not only grows your wealth but does so in a manner consistent with your values. Discover the power of aligning your financial goals with your ethical principles – join Shariah PMS today."

  • Tailored Objectives
  • Customised Strategies
  • Regular Monitering
  • Measurable Progress